About Mamma Fong

Hello, My name is Daphne. I am on a mission to bring back the authentic flavours of Asian cuisine. By introducing a new generation to the classic wok. I am honouring my culinary heritage and my teacher, my mother - Mammafong.

My early childhood memory in Hong Kong, is of summer vacations at my grandma’s place. She was a genius cook and turned out an abundance of food for the entire family. All day I would watch my grandma prepare these delicious meals. I vividly remembered the smell of sweet and sour sauces simmering in the wok and the aroma of five spice powder in her kitchen. It made me hungry just to come in the door.

In contrast, my mom - Mammafong was working full-time always looked for a way to get dinner on the table quickly and easily. Her solution: Stir-fry over hot steaming rice. We loved it. It was simple, quick and nutritious. My mom skillfully tossed the wok with ginger & peanut oil. The carbon steel wok hummed and crackled, releasing a gingery aroma. She then added my favourite chinese sausage and bok choy. Voilà! Dinner was served in no time. My mom always said a wok is all you need in the kitchen. ( Until she bought a microwave several years later)

Some 20 years have passed and I put down my roots in Sydney, Australia. My hand hammered wok is still an essential in the kitchen. It is well seasoned from many years of use. Its surface turned to beautiful black patina and became naturally nonstick. I love my traditional wok however I found it increasingly difficult to come by one in the shop. That’s when the idea of Mammafong was born. I want to bring back the classic wok, celebrate its significant role in Chinese culinary history, and share the evocative aromas & flavours of Asian cooking.

Now I have a two-year old daughter who also loves stir-fry and can’t stop eating it. I created my Mammafong wok - authenthic hand-hammered carbon steel - to be something I can pass down to her so she can learn about and be linked to her heritage. I hope you can share my passion for authentic, traditional and modern creation of asian cuisine with your own Mammafong wok.