We have a lot of customers enquiring about our pre-seasoned wok. Let us answer some of your questions here:

What do I have to do before first use ?

It’s simple! Wash your wok with soap to clean off dust and dirt on wok surface. Remember to use a soft sponge only, not steel wool or anything abrasive. This will be the only time you need to use soap/ detergent to clean your wok. Dry it immediately after cleaning, you may want to put it on a warm stove to dry up the last bit of moisture. Apply a thin coat of oil on the surface and your wok is ready to use. No seasoning is required.

How’s the pre-seasoned wok was made?

Our master craftsmen started with hand hammering the wok to the desired shape. The wok was then applied with a coat of natural edible oil. After this it was baked twice in an industrial oven in super high temperature to form the "non-stick" surface. Putting carbon steel in a high temperature is a special surface-hardening treatment that makes carbon steel more resistant to rust which leads to a naturally non-stick surface. And that's it, there is no chemical added in the production process. Our woks are also made from 100% carbon steel, no lead or PTFE in the raw material at all.

Does it require re-seasoning regularly?

To help our customer with an easier start, our pre-seasoned woks were baked from an industrial oven to form the initial seasoning. However, occasional seasoning is required if the patina is removed/ wearing off. Also the patina is still very young in the first month or two so it requires continuous cooking to let the wok absorb as much oil as it can in order to build up the seasoning.

What to do when my food gets stuck on the wok?

If you are having trouble removing stuck-on food, boil some water in your pan for a few minutes to loosen residue, making it easier to remove. 

Should I get a pre-seasoned or an uncoated wok?

Mammafong pre-seasoned wok is a great start for someone with no experience in seasoning their wok. We did all the hard-yard for you and it’s ready to use straight out of the box. However, it is still required some sort of after use maintenance and occasional re-seasoning depending on the condition of your wok.

Can I use it on an electric stove?

Our Mammafong flat bottom pre-seasoned wok is designed to be used on gas, electric & glass stove top. The flat base enables the wok to sit directly on the stove, maximising the heat in the wok. Tip: Pre-heat your wok before cooking, cold oil & food in the wok can promote sticking.

The seasoning on the wok is wearing off, what should I do?

There could be a few reasons the seasoning is worn off/ removed -  the wok temperature when cooking, type of food that was cooked and after use care are the common reasons why the patina was removed. Food tends to stick when the wok & oil are not hot enough. Cooking acidic food at the beginning can also lead to the removal of the patina. Using detergent or harsh cleaning pad are not recommended as this could scratch off the patina. The patina is still very young in the first month or two so it requires continuous cooking to let the wok absorb as much oil as it can in order to build up the seasoning. However, don’t feel frustrated, the beauty of our wok is it is always retrievable. You may visit our How-to-season section for instruction.

Help! I can see some rust spots on my wok ?

There are a lot of reasons why the wok goes rusty. One of the common issues is the wok is exposed to moisture for a period of time. Water is the enemy number one of carbon steel wok, so the key to rust prevention is making sure your wok is bone-dry before you put it away. You can start by wiping excess water off with a paper towel or lint-free towel, then set the wok over a stovetop to evaporate any residual moisture. After that simply apply a thin coat of oil ( 1 teaspoon) to the wok surface. Never leave your wok air-dry. 

To remove the rust, use a steel wool to scrub off the rust area. It is all fine if your patina got scratched off as it will redevelop after a few uses. Dry your wok and heat up on the stove to remove moisture. Apply a coat of oil to the wok surface. 

Can I use a metal spatula ?

Absolutely you can use a metal spatula. At the early stage when the patina is still young, you might find the patina might scratch off a little but this is all normal. Just keep using your wok and the patina (natural seasoning) will build up and strengthen. 

What kind of oil did you use for the seasoning?

It is a mix blend of natural vegetable oil