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Authentic Hand Hammered Small Wok, 12" Carbon Steel Chinese Pow Wok, Traditional Round Bottom Wok - mammafong
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Wok Spatula Stainless Steel, 15" Long with Sturdy Wooden Handle Wok Turner, Stir Fry Wok Utensils - mammafong
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Pre Seasoned Flat Bottom Wok, 14" Blue Carbon Steel Chinese Pow Wok, Traditionally Hand Hammered - mammafong
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Aluminum Wok Cover for 14" Hand Hammered Wok, 13" Flat Wok Lid - mammafong
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Authentic Hand Hammered Wok, 14" Carbon Steel Chinese Pow Wok, Traditional Round Bottom Wok - mammafong
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Experience Stir-Fry the Authentic Way

We stand by every wok we sell.

After more than a millennia, traditional hand hammered woks remain the wok of choice for chefs and home cooks alike.
>Cast iron, Non-stick, stainless steel, ceramic coated, anodized aluminium any fancy wok you can think of, you name it. But still a traditional hand hammered carbon steel wok stands strong in the wok of fame after thousands of years. Made from carbon steel, Mammafong® woks generate sufficient heat to create an authentic wok hei flavour. Our woks are shipped with a protective coating of oil and require thorough cleaning and seasoning with oil before first use.

Mammafong® woks improve over time and develop a distinctive black non-stick patina after continued use. This patina creates a natural non-stick surface and infuses loads of flavour into every delicious dish. Unlike a non-stick wok, you can heat your Mammafong® wok to scorching temperatures and sear proteins without them sticking. A wok is a versatile tool allowing you to boil, steam, deep-fry, slow roast and stir fry. Just like Mamma Fong says; “A well seasoned wok is all you need in the kitchen!”

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