DON'T buy a wok before you watch this! Everything about Carbon Steel wok buying guide from the 90'

in Mamma's Cooking Diary

Look what we found from Mamma's old cookie tin! đź“Ľ

A very informative and entertaining vintage tv commercial 📺 about Authentic Chinese Hand-Hammered Carbon Steel wok just like the Mammafong® one. Wondering how many people bought their first authentic wok after watching this.

In this video, you will learn about:

  • History and the origin of Authentic Chinese Hand-Hammered Carbon Steel wok
  • Different type of wok cooking style
  • Tips and tricks on wok cooking
  • Which type of oil to use for wok cooking
  • Different wok cooking techniques
  • What is the difference between cooking on the side of the work versus the center.
  • The secret of cooking tendering meat in wok.
  • Introduction of various wok accessories and utensils and do you really need them: Spatula, Lid,  Ladle, Strainer, Bamboo brush, Wok ring...etc
  • Which type of wok to choose: stainless steel, machine made, electric 
  • How hand-hammered wok is made, why is the thickness not the same on the side and in the middle?
  • The use of a wok ring and Do you really need one?
  • what other use of a wok? bbq? fry chicken?
  • Why wok cooking is healthier
  • What is the advantage of a hand hammered wok compared to a machine made one.
  • How to maintain your wok after each use.

All of these wok cooking essentials jam packed in just 15 mins.

A must watch if you want to buy or know more about wok!


Source: from a unknown public broadcast. For educational/comment use only. Copyright remains under its original creator.


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