Welcome to the first post of the Mama's Cooking Diary!

in Mamma's Cooking Diary

At Mammafong®, our mission is not only to sell you a wok!😂 But instead one of the key drivers to start mammafong.com is to share my passion for authentic, traditional and modern creation of asian cuisine. Something we can pass on to our next generations: family recipes, traditional cooking techniques or even just some simple tips for home cooking.

For most Chinese, food is not only essential for survival, but it also is a great source of enjoyment, social enrichment and even its philosophy, are very much a part of Chinese people's culture. Food brings together family and friends, in this blog, I also want to bring you not only the recipes and the technical know-how. But most importantly the history, heritage and something about Chinese customs and culture.

In the next few weeks, I will tell you more about different aspects of wok cookery; including the history and culture of wok, how to choose a right type of wok, the correct way to use a wok, the accessories you will require and even some of the secrets of Asian cuisines. I will also tell you information on the ingredients typically used in Asian cooking: where they can be obtained, how they should be stored and the substitutes that might be used. 

Stay tuned and happy wokking!


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